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In the Mix

by Salvo Rao

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Tuesday 21:00 22:00
Friday 22:00 23:00

by Salvo Rao

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In the mix

The Soulful House is a genre of dance music born in Chicago in the mid-eighties as a sub-genre of house music. Compared to Chicago House is slower (from 122 to 127 bpm), melodic and incorporates within it also influences Soul, Jazz and Funky. Typically traces Soulful feature pad (carpet of keyboards) that give a deep sound, similar to those used in the chill out and lounge. Very important the srtumenti vintage as the legendary Fender Rhodes piano, in its models Mark I and Mark II, followed by plans Wurlitzer and the historic Hammond B3 organ. In the tracks are often only of wind instruments typically jazz sax or trumpet. Moreover, the agreements and the stairs of the melodic parts are always typical standard Soulful Soul, Jazz, Funk. Because of these properties, with a rhythm going and relaxed and its sounds fine, the Soulful House is often used in fashion shows and is considered the dance version of genres such as Nu Jazz and Lounge.“In the Mix” is a radio show, created in 2003 at RM1 Special (Messina – Italy), that explores the wide range, eclectic, and ever changing world of Soulful radio music. The show presents to the listener a weekly collection of classic, rare, and new music that range from deep and soulful, with a more atmospheric and moody quality. Now six years and running, it is the show’s primary objective to evolve with the fast changing world of music and technology and bring to the masses the wide spectrum of sound that deep & soulful has to offer as well as feature underground, up and coming artists whose music parallels that of the radio show.